Client: City Renewal Authority
Work: Concept, Creative Direction, Brand Campaign, Design and Signage

Agency: Sweet Potato
Festival Directors: Alice Taylor, Yanni Pounartzis
Curator: Alice Taylor
Designer: Yanni Pounartzis

The City Renewal Authority engaged Sweet Potato to enliven and re-engage the under-utilised Haig Park. In response, Sweet Potato created a unique outdoor cinematic experience that featured three cinema screens and a social hub.

Surrounding a central food and wine hub, three cinemas ran a selection of retro-fun flicks. Blue, Yellow and Red. Audio from 2 of the cinemas were transmitted via radio receivers which were attached to each seat.

Each afternoon, the event opened at 4pm with music to accompany food and drinks available until late. The three movies were screened simultaneously on three screens from 7:45pm. On Saturday night, the festival also hosted late-night screenings of R-rated sessions commencing at 10:15pm.